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The Social Employee

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The Social Employee; how great companies make social media work, by Cheryl and Mark Burgess makes a great case for developing the Social Employee in your business. The book uses robust case studies from the likes of IBM and Coca Cola to illustrate a wealth of benefits derived from implementing strategies in this area and suggests seven key characteristics of the Social Employee.

These are:
1. Engaged (not just motivated) – speaks to authenticity.
2. Expects integration of the personal and professional.
3. Buys into the brand’s story.
4. Born Collaborator.
5. Listens.
6. Customer centric.
7. Empowered change-agent. The last of these is illustrated particularly elegantly as the authors talk through various examples of how the Social Employee’s power is felt, not just in Social Environments external to the organisation, but internally too; as the Social Employees become the ‘accelerators’ for positive change at all kinds of levels within the organisation itself.



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