People trust the opinions of an organisation’s employees (Edelman/Nielsen) and there’s nothing surprising in the suggestion that when these opinions are shared around the BBQ or over a coffee, they can have a profound impact on attitudes and behaviours towards the organisation/brand – be that as an employer brand, a consumer brand, a B2B brand etc. However, until very recently, in Australia at least, there was no simple mechanic available to enable an organisation to leverage this employee-driven influence ‘beyond the BBQ’ and into social media.

But now that situation has changed and a platform similar to the one Dell has been running for almost 6 years and that has some 10,000 employee participants worldwide, is available to organisations in Australia through the team here at Scoop Social.

The platform enables any number of employees, from 20 to literally thousands, to easily and quickly share pre-approved (moderated) content through to their personal social networks via a computer browser or phone app (ios and Android). And our training will assist in everything that surrounds implementing the platform; from working through the organisation’s Social Media Policy through to training the employee participants on the social media skills they need to make the platform work for them and the organisation. (We can also assist in the internal opportunity to leverage increased employee engagement as our team has extensive experience with culture change, particularly in the marketing context.)

For organisations who have already embraced Social Media, an employee advocacy platform makes a significant addition to the toolkit. But perhaps more importantly, introducing an Employee Advocacy platform as a way to ‘get into’ social media is a highly efficient and ‘safe’ approach as it is readily moderated yet scalable; many hands make light work!

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can leverage its employees’ networks in social media to spread the good word about your brand(s), please call us on +612 8006 1616 or email us.