Scoop Social brings together three key skill-sets: social media, training & culture, and brand strategy & research. This unique combination enables us to work with clients with varying readiness for engaging in the Social, networked world. If a Cultural transformation is required to ensure that the employee base is engaged with the organisation’s Vision and Values – we can help identify and train the Culture Champions whose influence with their peers will lead Culture transformation. If an efficient and effective first ‘experiment’ with Social Media is desired, we can help you identify and train your Social Champions and provide them with the tools they need to spread the good word in social environments. And in any situation where your employees are a key communications channel with your customers, influencers, channel to market and future employees, we can work with you to identify and leverage them as your Brand Champions – whatever their existing role in the organisation.

We have marcoms experience across almost every market category including fmcg, automotive, airline, government, media, retail, industrial, finance, pharma, natural health, leisure, hospitality and more. We’ve worked in B2C, B2B and retail, with challengers and leaders, start-ups and multinationals, in Australia and International markets.

For more information, to talk to us about Culture Change or to organise a demonstration of our Employee Advocacy Program, please get in touch.