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How much business are you generating from social media?

(And if the answer is none/not much…would you like to get started?)

Nicole Sheffield, CEO of NewsLifeMedia, part of News Corp Australia, and owner of properties such as Vogue, Taste.com.au and Australia’s number one news site, news.com.au, has recently stated that NewsLifeMedia now generates more traffic from their social media activities than they do from Google. This is an astonishing statistic given the power Google has to bring traffic to websites large and small. Little wonder then to hear in the ...

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The Social Employee


The Social Employee; how great companies make social media work, by Cheryl and Mark Burgess makes a great case for developing the Social Employee in your business. The book uses robust case studies from the likes of IBM and Coca Cola to illustrate a wealth of benefits derived from implementing strategies in this area and suggests seven key characteristics of the Social Employee.

These are:
1. Engaged (not ...

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