Leveraging the the influence of people who are connected to a brand is not a new concept. Indeed, there are many brands who would ‘formalise’ their Members or Partners into the Marketing Plan, so significant is their role in building the brand and growing the business. However, in the Social, networked world, the advantage that can be gained through this activity is amplified many-fold. First, because these Supporters, though connected to your brand, are independent of your organisation and so their voices are highly credible – even more credible than your employees’ (and that’s saying something!). Second, because these Supporters are many, and the cost of each impression they deliver for your brand is generally low – making them highly efficient as a communications channel. Third, because these Supporters, either through a personal passion, or because of a shared business goal, have a vested interest in championing your brand’s success – they want you to succeed. Therefore, Members, Supporters, Fans and Partners can be considered just as readily as employees, as the engine room for a Supporter Advocacy Program. (A ‘Supporter’ version of an Employee Advocacy Program.) And Scoop can help you leverage them as your Brand Champions both with their peers and with your customer audience.