Success in a Social, networked world demands truth not spin. Companies with shaky culture will struggle to compete – particularly when their employees contribute directly to the customer experience as they do in retail, B2B or service industries. In these situations it is imperative not only that the organisation’s Vision puts a competitive stake in the ground, but equally, that the Values and Culture defined to deliver that Vision, are lived and breathed by the employees.

To this end, Scoop Social combines expertise in Culture, Brand AND Social, helping organisations: to identify their Vision;  to infuse and enthuse that Vision into organisational Culture (so it’s driven from within) and;  to Socialise that Vision (spread the word) among the relevant target audiences.

The scope of work varies enormously, depending on the degree to which the Vision, Values and Culture are already, ‘Social-ready’.  But the outcome delivers Culture Champions who not only lead the Culture piece internally, but who are empowered to Socialise the organisation’s brand(s) externally; to be the Social Champions.

In this way, Scoop can help organisations leverage the power of their employees to build the brand with customers, stakeholders, influencers and future employees alike; building competitive advantage from the inside, out.