Build employee engagement and your brand with Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy engages employees in spreading the good word about your brand in social media. And by immersing employees in a stream of positive messaging, builds engagement. It’s a tried and tested approach in the US but remains relatively under-utilised elsewhere, creating a huge opportunity for driving competitive advantage and growth. To make it work, you need three things;

One: a group of employees who are already well-engaged with the organisation and have a strong personal network in one or more of the main social media channels.
Two: Scoop Social’s training and support to prepare the employees for their role spreading the good word, and to support them through the endeavour.
Three: Scoop Social’s expertise in social, and our technology platform to facilitate the process of preparing content for the employees to share, and to enable the sharing.

At last, technology, marketing and HR can combine to give voice to a brand’s most powerful ambassadors; employees. Building brand (be that employer brand or consumer brand) and building engagement – through the creation of Employee Superheroes.

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