The opportunity afforded by social media networks to grow brand influence and reach has been well documented in recent years. Indeed, CEO Nicole Sheffield, told a highly engaged Conference audience recently that the News Corp Australia now generates more traffic from social networks than it does from Google. And that a recent social-media created/driven shopping night generated more sales for David Jones than the Boxing Day sale. So for some players, social media is already breaking all records.

But now there is a new tool available here in Australia that will assist others to enjoy similar success. It’s a platform that enables and organisation to leverage the social networks of its employees, partners, members, supporters and fans to spread the good word about the organisation’s brand(s).

To make it work, you need three things;
One: a group of employees, partners, supporters etc who are already well-engaged with the organisation and have a strong personal network in one or more of the main social media channels.
Two: Scoop Social’s training and support to prepare the employees for their role spreading the good word, and to support them through the endeavour.
Three: Scoop Social’s expertise in social, and our new technology platform to facilitate the process of preparing content for the participants to share, and to enable the sharing.
With these three elements in place, any business, whether already well advanced in leveraging social media or just beginning the journey, can give voice to their brand’s most powerful brand ambassadors. Building brand and building engagement.

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