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Ted Rubin discusses the advantages of Employee Advocacy

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Ted Rubin

Fabulous video of Ted Rubin welcoming attendees to the Content Marketing Summit 2015. He discusses his take on employee advocacy, social media and content marketing.

The critical message to business is to change your outlook or change your future. If you don’t start making the changes now you are going to regret it in the future. If you haven’t started the flow, the discussion, employed the right people, then you are going to have to start from scratch when the time comes. The future is happening now.

It is vital for brands to change the way they connect with customers and employees. Help employees expand their reach whilst they are there. Encourage access to social media, allow them to build their influence, bring in trainers and speakers. Make them better then when they first joined the company. Teach them how to use Social Media.

Give employees content to share that has been approved by the company and reward the staff for sharing the content. Reward with saying thank you, giving away trips, or gifts. Make employees feel good that you are actually paying attention. It will help the company grow and expand. Share content that the employees are interested in and is related to them.

Employees are vested in the brand, come to work everyday, they want to love their company. Help them share the message about the brand. “Everyone wants to know a guy, wants to know somebody. I hear a lot of people saying they don’t want to be friends with a brand. Everybody wants to be friends with a person at a brand, somebody who is the face or the persona of that brand.”

ROR = Return on relationship. No better return on relationship than with your employees. The amount of sharing they do will depend on the tools you provide to do it.

Watch the video on Youtube.

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