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Today’s Scoop on Social Media 14/6/17

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Get the latest scoop on Social Media

Today’s Scoop on Social Media 9/6/17

How to Get More Views on YouTube

Study: 64% make a purchase after watching marketing videos on Facebook

5 New Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted

Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for June to Help Strategic Planning

How to Run an Instagram Story Takeover

LinkedIn Etiquette Guide 2017: 20 Do’s & ...

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Employee Engagement Awards Nov 16

Jess from Rewards Gateway interviews Mardi Barnes about driving Employee Engagement with social.
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Photo Gallery of the day


Overall ANZ Employee Engagement Company of the Year

  1. Z-Energy

The following companies made up the remainder of the Top 10 list:

  1. Adrenalin
  2. Epworth HealthCare
  3. Krispy Kreme
  4. Involve Training
  5. McDonald Marine + Industrial
  6. McConachie Stedman
  7. Sunsuper
  8. Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
  9. Vocus Communications

The listed companies from 2-10 are all of equal standing and listed in alphabetical order.


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Matt Manners of Employement Engagement Awards interviews Peter Barnes of Scoop Social

Matt Manners of Employement Engagement Awards interviews Peter Barnes of Scoop Social

1. What does employee engagement mean to you?*

Employee engagement describes the strength of the bond between an employee and their employer, and that bond comprises both emotional and rational connections. It is evidenced by how far an employee will go above and beyond what is required of them, sometimes described as discretionary effort.

2. What are your three tips to companies looking to drive engagement in their organisations?*

I.         Articulate a Vision and Values that inspire enthusiasm and commitment (which means involving ...

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How to Automate your Social Media Campaigns

I imagine you are all on social media in some capacity. Whether it be personal Facebook or Instagram accounts or running a company Facebook page.

In both our personal and professional worlds, Social Media is taking off, it is diversifying, expanding, and the technology is evolving, it is certainly not showing signs of slowing down.

From a business perspective, Social media equals content, conversation, relationships and branding – often across multiple social media channels.

As small business owners, we know we need to ...

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Building Competitive Advantage from the Inside, Out

Building Competitive Advantage from the Inside, Out

Making the Connection between Organisational Culture and Social Media Success

Here at Scoop Social, we see Employee Advocacy a little differently.

For us, Employee Advocacy is more than just an innovative new platform or a new way of thinking about Social. We see it as a Tipping Point; a Tipping Point at which the Marketing agenda will shift from – ‘doing a great job with the brand despite what’s happening inside the company’ to ‘doing a great ...

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10 reasons to consider the relationship between Organisational Culture and Social Media

Especially in the context of Employee Advocacy

  1. Just as Employee Advocacy transforms Social, so great Culture transforms Employee Advocacy.
  2. If you want to be really successful in Social Media, especially when leveraging Employee Advocacy, you need a Culture that’s fit for Social.
  3. This is the era when customers can ‘lift the lid’ on your organisation.
  4. This is the era when great employees and great employers can identify one another without the need for a recruiter.
  5. Right now – Truth Trumps Spin; it’s what’s on the ...
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10 Things to look for in an Employee Advocacy Partner/Provider

  1. Strong experience in Social Media.
  2. Strong experience in, and a passion for your category.
  3. Good understanding of brands and how to build them.
  4. Strong experience in training around Social Media.
  5. Tried and tested platform with robust 24/7 support.
  6. Community-management experience.
  7. Experience with Rewards/recognition.
  8. Ability to talk/leverage data and insights.
    Plus, ideally…..
  9. Experience with Personal Branding/training
  10. Experience with Culture Change/training

Download 10 Things to look for in an Employee Advocacy Partner/Provider

10 ways to make your Employee Advocacy Program run better

  1. Expand and diversify your participant group.
  2. Tag/stream content such that participants only see content that’s likely to be appropriate for their own networks (not everyone’s networks).
  3. Encourage participants to schedule/multi-post appropriate content.
  4. Schedule email-reminders to encourage repeat-posting through the week.
  5. Give participants visibility on the wider social strategy/activity.
  6. Facilitate key participants’ ability to share into social environments not supported by the Employee Advocacy platform (where relevant).
  7. Specifically reward/recognise content generation by participants.
  8. Engage with HR. Build participation in Employee Advocacy into broader employee KPIs/reward/incentive structures.
  9. Champion participants within ...
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